BMW Z4 Roadster – 2009 model

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tHIS IS A DREAM car, can you see the design lines on this car?

Amazing, they really hit the spot with this great automobile.
driving such a car can create a lot of envy.


Twitter Buzz

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Twitter is everywhere, I’ve just got my Twitter Account and learned a bunch of cool tipps and stuff
from this website

BMW M6 Convertible – german dreamcar

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wow, take a look a this baby: the BMW M6 Convertible

this has a 500 horsepower, 5.0-liter, V-10 engine and Rear-wheel drive. this is not a car it’s a beast, it’s dangerous if you dont know what to do with it. you also need the money for it: 100k+ great, isn’t it?

Bedtime Stories in Bluray

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I love this movie with Adam Sandler in Bluray

movie list

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I found a very nice site with a good movie list. you all know

my black X6 pictures

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Today I’ve made some more pictures from my new BMW X6. take a look:

black x6 _back

black x6 _back

pimped and tuned alright!

black x6 side

black x6 side

check out the rims on the car: 23”

BMW X6 – my dream car

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my dreams came true this week, my BMW X6 is there, black and shiny.

here are the specs from this great car 

BMW X6 xDrive35d

the engine is a diesel xDrive 35d, this is the BMW’s 3.0-liter sequential twin-turbocharged engine. 

This creates 286 PS (210 kW) – you can feel all of them :)


bmw x6 black

bmw x6 black